TWO Essential County Offices – ONE Proven Leader!

My Successes

  • Became the first Nebraska county to electronically record land-record documents.
  • Implemented complete online property-record searching and recording system.
  • Increased the number of sales market areas to enable more accurate identification of market trends in smaller, more homogenous neighborhoods.

My Priorities

  • Continue my more than 14 years of proven positive leadership.
  • Continue to fine-tune our new Landmark recording system, which provides complete online access to your important property records.
  • Continue to promote the growth of the Nebraska Homestead Exemption program for our senior property owners.
  • Continue to identify valuation issues that need to be resolved and develop solutions.

My Goals

  • Continue to maintain a high level of integrity and customer service in the Assessor/Register of Deeds office.
  • Continue to provide fair and equitable property valuations.
  • Continue to increase communication and transparency between property owners and the Assessor/Register of Deeds office.
  • Continue to build amicable, not adversarial, relationships with property owners. 

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